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Sense of life, what makes life worth living
Worth. Value, importance
Ethics is the enquiry into what is good.
     Ethics is the enquiry into what is valuable.
     Ethics is if anything the natural science of value.
     Distinction between relative & absolute value. Examples.
     Statements of relative value, goodness or importance are statements of facts which are in no way problematic.
      Contrast to judgments of absolute value. Attitude of the judge to the judged.
     No statement of fact is or implies an absolute judgment.
     Science & the whole realm of propositions contains no absolute no ethical judgment.
     Still let us investigate such absolute judgments & that we can only do by investigating the cases where we are tempted to make absolute judgements.
     I will describe an experience which I always must think about when I want to know what I mean by ◇◇◇ absolute importance. The experience of wondering at the world at the existence of the world.
     Let us analyse this verbal expression of my experience. It is nonsense.
     Expression of existence & possibility.

[There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.]