Archival note

Archival note by A. Schmidt and A. Pichler (2015) on Ms-142 (ÖNB, Cod.Ser.n.37.938, Title: Philosophische Untersuchungen • Date: Dating on page IIr: "Angefangen anfangs November 1936"; estimated November 1936 – June 1937 • Language: German • Size and binding: Hardback notebook containing 143 leaves with text on both sides of 333 x 210 mm inside a binding measuring 343 x 219 mm (text until page 167). Lined paper • Pagination and sequence: I, 1-167 in ink by Wittgenstein; 168-286 in pencil not by Wittgenstein • Writing instrument: Black ink • Style: Tba. • Provenance: Von Wright saw this manuscript in 1952 in the house of the Stonborough family in Gmunden. Subsequently missing, it was found in the estate of Rudolf Koder in 1992 and purchased by ÖNB in 2004 • Comment: Dedication on the inside of the front cover: "Gretl von Ludwig / zu Weihnachten 1936 / ein schlechtes Geschenk". Although this dedication to his sister Margarethe Stonborough is probably to be dated with Christmas 1936, it is an established fact that Wittgenstein continued to work in Ms-142 until summer 1937. Remark on the top of page 1: "[Die ersten Seiten verbessert auf S 77 ff.]"; remark on the top of page 77: "[Verbesserung der ersten Seiten:]".