Archival note

Archival note by A. Schmidt and A. Pichler (2015) on Ms-139b (ÖNB, Cod.Ser.n.37.936, Title: So-called ”Lecture on Ethics” • Date: Estimated date before November 17th, 1929 • Language: English • Size and binding: 10 loose sheets of 327 x 202 mm, inscribed recto and verso; lined paper, 19 pages with text • Pagination and sequence: Pagination 1-19, possibly by Wittgenstein • Writing instrument: Ink pencil, violet • Style: German style for quotation marks • Provenance: Von Wright saw this manuscript in 1952 in the house of the Stonborough family in Gmunden. Subsequently missing, it was found in the estate of Rudolf Koder in 1992 and purchased by ÖNB in 2004 • Comment: Wittgenstein gave this lecture at a meeting of the Heretics Club in Cambridge, on 17 November 1929. Ms-139b seems to be later than Ms-139a, as most of the corrections in Ms-139a are included in Ms-139b.