Archival note

English translation by Frank Ramsey of the "Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung" with corrections by Wittgenstein (ÖNB: Cod. Ser. n. 39.598, Title "Philosophical Logic" • Date: Translation by Frank Ramsey in winter 1921/22, Wittgenstein’s corrections between 20.3. and 23.4.1922 • Language: English • Size and binding: 84 loose leaves 326 x 201 mm • Pagination: 1-84, not by Wittgenstein • Writing instrument: Typewriter, many handwritten corrections by Ogden and Wittgenstein • Provenance: C.K. Ogden, purchased by the Austrian National Library in 1996 • Comment: The English translation of the "Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung" was made by Frank Ramsey (and maybe Ogden himself) in winter 1921/22, using the proofs of the "Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung" in Ostwald’s "Annalen". The translation was sent to Wittgenstein by Ogden on March 20, 1922 (as announced in Ogden’s letter from this date). Wittgenstein sent the translation back with his corrections on April 23, 1922. In this letter Wittgenstein adds detailed explanations and suggestions concerning the English translation (ÖNB: Autogr. 1270/42-9)