Archival note

Print of the "Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung" in "Annalen der Natur- und Kulturphilosophie" (Vol. XIV., item 3/4), with corrections by L. Wittgenstein (ÖNB: Cod. Ser. n. 39.597, Title "Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung" • Date: Printed in March 1922, corrections by Wittgenstein 10.4.–23.4.1922 • Language: German • Size and binding: 33 loose leaves 226 x 156 mm, printed on both sides; 1 separate handwritten leaf (118 x 122 mm) containing proposition nr. 4.0141 in Wittgenstein’s hand in blue ink on squared paper • Pagination: Folio pagination 1-33, not by Wittgenstein; pagination in the “Annalen” [185]-186, 199-262 • Writing instrument: Print, many handwritten corrections mostly in red and black ink by Ogden and Wittgenstein (see Graßhoff / Lampert (2004), page 75ff); separate handwritten leaf containing proposition nr. 4.0141 in blue ink • Provenance: C.K. Ogden, purchased by the Austrian National Library in 1996 • Comment: Wittgenstein got this print (not off-print!) of his "Abhandlung" from C.K. Ogden in early April 1922 (as announced in Ogden’s letter from April 10, 1922) and sent it back with corrections with his letter dated April 23, 1922. The Ostwald-print of the "Abhandlung" with Wittgenstein’s corrections was the basic for Ogden’s bilingual edition at Kegan Paul, London, in November 1922. It includes annotations by C.K. Ogden. Edited in: Ludwig Wittgensteins Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung. Entstehungsgeschichte und Herausgabe der Typoskripte und Korrekturexemplare, ed. by Gerd Graßhoff and Timm Lampert. Wien, New York: Springer 2004