Archival note

Archival note by A. Schmidt and A. Pichler (2015) on Ts-203 (ÖNB: Cod. Ser. n. 22.023, Title: ”Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung” [so-called ”Vienna Typescript”] • Date: Estimated date March 1919 • Language: German • Size and binding: 58 loose sheets of 285 x 222 mm, inscribed recto; bound with red thread • Pagination and sequence: Pagination 1-58 typed on the top, centered • Writing instrument: Typewriter (carbon copy?) • Provenance: Thomas Stonborough, purchased by ÖNB in 1979 • Comment: No title page, last page missing (numbers 6.521-7); very few handwritten corrections in blue ink in Wittgenstein’s hand (at numbers 2.1, 3.5, 4.014/3; 4.03/2). Ts-203 differs in line-breaks and page breaks from Ts-202 and Ts-204. It is a separate copy made by Hermine Wittgenstein in March 1919 for Paul Engelmann using Ts-204 as a model (see Graßhoff/Lampert 2004: p.14ff)