Archival note

Archival note by A. Schmidt and A. Pichler (2015) on Ms-105 (ÖNB: Cod. Ser. n. 22.018, Title on front flyleaf (page Ir): „I. Band Philosophische Bemerkungen” • Date: Dated by Wittgenstein from 2.2.1929 (page 1) to 15.2.1929 (page 4); estimated date 2.2.1929 – August 1929 • Language: German (small part in English on page 85) • Size and binding: Hardback notebook containing 66 leaves with text on both sides of 250 x 200 mm inside a binding measuring 251 x 210 mm. Lined paper with red margin line • Pagination and sequence: Pagination (by Wittgenstein?) 1-135 (page 135 = page BCr, Back cover inside). The (chronological) sequence of the remarks in Ms-105 and Ms-106 is the following: Ms-105, recto pages 1-131 (+ verso pages 2 and 4); Ms-106, recto pages 1-296 (NB. page 296: „Fortsetzung auf den Verso-Seiten vorne“); Ms-106, verso pages 6-297, 298 (NB. page 6: “Anschluß an die letzte Rectoseite”); Ms-105, verso pages 6-130, 132-135 (NB. page 6: „Fortsetzung der philosophischen Betrachtungen des II. Bandes“) • Writing instrument: Pencil; ink pencil (verso pages) • Style: German style for quotation marks. Remarks in code, e.g. on pages 46 and 67 • Provenance: Thomas Stonborough, purchased by ÖNB in 1979 • Comment: On the front flyleaf (page Ir), overwritten by the title, two erased lines are visible: Motto „Hier hilft dem Dummen die Dummheit allein“

Text genetic-philosophical note