Archival note

Archival note by J. Smith and A. Pichler (2015) on Ts-213: Language: German • Size and binding: 778 loose typescript sheets with the content of Ts-212 typed out • Pagination: The pagination by typewriter begins with 0. There is also an unpaginated list of ‘chapter headings’ marked ‘given by Rush Rhees Jan 1970’ • Writing instrument: Typewriter; additions in pencil, black ink, red ink (see e.g. page 42r). Heavily annotated by Wittgenstein up to page 292 and from page 354 to page 432. There are a few annotations by the Trustees, particularly by G.H. von Wright throughout the sections on the foundations of mathematics, which appears at one time to have been separated from the rest of the typescript. There are also second copies of pages 0-528 and pages 529-768, neither of which are annotated • Style: English style for quotation marks, incl. in handwritten parts. Almost exclusively double slashes style for text variants (exceptions on pages 12r and 155r)

Text genetic-philosophical note