Archival note

Information about the term covered on each page of notes is provided in a systematic way as part of the filename for each facsimile. For instance, the first facsimile is called “10.7.10,001,Lent30a01r”. “10.7.10” is the catalog number for this complete set of notes. “001” indicates that this is the first sheet (of a sequence of 111 sheets). “Lent30a” indicates that this page is part of the first set of summaries of the Lent 1930 notes; a later set is called Lent30b. “01r” indicates that this is the recto (front) side of the sheet, and that the sheet has “1” written on it as a page number. The next facsimile is of the verso side of that sheet, and so is called “01v”. There are no facsimiles of the verso pages of the remaining 110 pages, and so no further use of “r” and “v”, as the other pages are written on the back of scrap paper (often, copies of old minutes of Trinity College meetings.)