Archival note

Archival note by D. Weber (2019) on “Leopoldine Eichberger Wörterbuch Exemplar” by Leopoldine Eichberger • Date: 1923 • Language: German • Size and binding: Front and back cover consists of thin, hard board with woodgrain pattern which is wrapped in hand-made sleeve with raised grooves. Includes 59 lined yellowing leaves bound by hand through two holes in the spine with red thread. Signs of wear on page edges and on inside and front of sleeve. Signs of damage from a liquid around binding holes. • Pagination and Sequence: Word entries are arrayed in generally alphabetical order; no page numbers. • Writing Instrument: Black ink • Style: Child handwriting in two columns per page; some strikethroughs and corrections; two small illustrations (e.g. 25r and 26r) • Provenance: Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society.