Archival note

Archival note by A. Schmidt and A. Pichler (2017) on Ts-310, Brown Book, Redpath’s copy (ÖNB: Cod. Ser. n. 39.545, Title: So-called "Brown Book" (exemplar of Theodore Redpath). Title on page Ir: "THE BROWN BOOK / Notes dictated to F. Skinner and A. Ambrose 1934-35 / By L. Wittgenstein / Unofficial" • Date: 1935 • Language: English • Size and binding: Hardback book, 150 leaves 206 x 276 mm inside a dark brown binding of 206 x 215 mm • Pagination and sequence: 1-150, handwritten, not by L. Wittgenstein • Writing instrument: Typewriter (copy), some handwritten additions (by Th. Redpath?) • Provenance: Theo Redpath, purchased by ÖNB in 1996 • Comment: Under the title on page Ir handwritten notice by Theo Redpath: "if found please return at once to / Theodore Redpath, / 68, Ladbroke Grove / London, W.II." - the same also in French and Italian. In his memoirs Redpath mentions that he got a copy of the Brown Book from Alice Ambose with the explicit agreement of Wittgenstein in Spring 1936. (Theodore Redpath (1990): Ludwig Wittgenstein. A student’s memoir, page 32). The title page was maybe added by Redpath