Archival note

Archival note by B. C. Barker-Benfield and A. Pichler (2017) on Ts-202 (Location: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. German d. 6 (New Summary Catalogue no. 47249)) • Language: German • Size and binding: 74 sheets of flimsy typing paper, thereof 58 typescript sheets and 16 sheets containing handwritten additions by Wittgenstein and Russell (in the Bodleian’s numbering, folios 4, 16, 18, 19, 24, 26, 29, 36, 42, 51, 53, 58, 61, 64, 67, 72), measuring 284 x 222 mm; fol. 19 also contains two typed slips. The sheets were laminated and bound by Bodleian in black cloth-covered boards with added front and end sheets (fols. i, 75) in 1970 • Pagination (original): The typescript starts with a sheet left unpaginated, containing on the front the typed title plus a handwritten dedication to Paul Engelmann (page TPr) and on the back the typed dedication to David Pinsent (page TPv). The title page is followed by 3 sheets paginated with handwritten Roman numbers and containing the typed motto and preface (pages Ir-IIr) plus the explanation of decimal numbering in hand by Wittgenstein (page IIIr), as well as a handwritten note about the translation of "Elementarsatz" as "atomic prop[osition]" in Russell's hand (page IIIv). The pagination by typewriter in the top centre margin begins with 1 on the subsequent page 1r (on Bodleian folio 5r) and ends with 53 on page 53r (on folio 74r). Sheet 14 paginated 10 (containing pages 10r-10v) is followed by a sheet paginated 10a (containing pages 10ar-10av) and sheet 30 paginated 19 (containing pages 19r-19v) is followed by a sheet paginated 19a (pages 19ar-19av). The 16 additional sheets in the main sequence have in BNE received the following page names: IIIr and IIIv (on Bodleian folio 4r and 4v), 10bv (on Bodleian folio 16v), 11av (on folio 18v), 11br and 11bv (on folio 19r and 19v), 15av (on folio 24v), 16av (on folio 26v), 18av (on folio 29v), 23av (on folio 36v), 28av (on folio 42v), 36av (on folio 51v), 37av (on folio 53v), 41av (on folio 58v), 43ar and 43av (on folio 61r and 61v), 45av (on folio 64v), 47av (on folio 67v) and 51av (on folio 72v) • Writing instrument: Typewriters; additions in violet (e.g. page 10bv), and grey pencil (e.g. page Ir), blue ink (e.g. page TPr), red ink (e.g. page 19ar), black ink (e.g. page 28av) • Provenance: Given by Wittgenstein to Paul Engelmann, and by Engelmann’s executors to the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 1969 • Comment: Of the 58 typescript sheets all except the sheet with the title page and sheets paginated I-II are copies of Ts-204; note that sheet Ts-202,42r is a copy of Ts-204,42ar and not of Ts-204,42r. We are grateful to M. Pilch for comments.