Archival note

Archival note by J. Smith and A. Pichler (2015) on Ms-114: Language: German • Size and binding: Hardback notebook containing 146 leaves with text on both sides of 203 x 330 mm inside a binding measuring 217 x 335 mm. Shows some sign of repair to the binding • Pagination: Two distinct parts. The first part is not paginated by Wittgenstein; the second paginated by him 1-228 • Writing instrument: Black ink; additions in black ink, red ink (e.g. page 50r) and pencil (e.g. page 3v). Pages 21r and 37v include typescript cuttings pasted-in • Style: Prevalence of German style for quotation marks in first part; prevalence of English style in second. Prevalence of brackets style for text variants in first part, prevalence of double slashes style in second. Parts of editorial instruction on page IV in code

Text genetic-philosophical note